A1 Collision & Bumper Center

in Citrus Heights, CA

Are you a Rideshare Professional?

What do you do if your primary tool, your car, is involved in a fender bender?

If you go with your insurance recommended shop are you going to get the special care a commercial driver would get?

Are you a priority to them?

Do they understand this is your source of income, and do they even care?

We do! and YES we care.

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$250 Gift Card !

Receive a 250 Visa Gift card at the time of drop off with signed authorization of claim exceeding $2500

Car Rental Discount

Use us to book your HyreCar Rental and get 15% off the Daily Rate.

* Offers may not be combined with any other sale, promotion, discount, code, coupon and/or offer

Us versus Them! Why choose us?



YOU are a priority Customer and we will prove it.

Deductible Assistance

Deductible Assistance and $250.00 at time of drop off for qualified repairs

Car Rental

HyreCar Rental On Site Allows you to Drive for Uber / Lyft while your car is being repaired.



YOU are 1 in 100 Claims this month.

Deductible Assistance

No Deductible Assistance

Car Rental

Standard Car Rental options with no driving for Uber or Lyft while your car is being repaired